Suhair Alhaj

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Emotional Intelligence, Work-life Balance
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Suhair Alhaj


Suhair Alhaj is a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP) with an extensive background in vocational training and management, spanning over 14 years. Recognized as one of the leading coaches in Saudi Arabia by, Suhair is deeply committed to empowering individuals by helping them identify and enhance their strengths and skills. She advocates for a balanced approach and emphasizes working smart rather than hard. Suhair guides her clients to envision the bigger picture, strategically plan, organize, and concentrate on what truly matters to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Hailing from a vocational training and managerial background, Suhair has contributed to significant training projects in the Middle East, delivering her expertise in both Arabic and English. Beyond individual coaching, she holds certifications in team and group coaching, further enriching her ability to impact individuals and teams positively and enhance theor emotional intelligence.